Aarkay Industries-The House of Tea machinery

The origin of the Aarkay Group can be traced back to 1976, when Sri R. K. Gupta, a Mechanical Engineer from the Birla Institute of Technology, returned to India from Kenya and flagged off business with the manufacture of "Megaput Three Circuit" Dryers and heaters for the tea industry.........

Sri R.K. Gupta


" From its inception in 1976, the house of Aarkay has gradually evolved into a one-stop solution for CTC, Orthodox and Green Tea manufacturing plant and machinery. Through our plants in and around Kolkata, we are engaged in the manufacture of the complete range of machinery and equipment for the tea industry , which include 'MEGAPUT' Vibratory and Advanced Conventional Tea Dryers (which are equally suitable for drying CTC, Orthodox as well as Green Teas), 'SUPER' Indirect Fired Heaters (The world's most efficient solid fuel based indirect firing solution for the Tea Industry), Chain Grate Stokers , 'ULTIMA' CTC Machines, 'OXYTEA' Continuous Fermenting Machines, 'ROTOMAX' Rolling Tables for Orthodox and Green Tea Rolling, all types of Axial flow fans and Centrifugal fans, and a large variety of CTC, Orthodox and Green Sorting equipment . This is complemented by the manufacture of an assortment of Electronic & QC equipment , CTC Workshop Tools and equipment and packaging machinery. Aarkay also undertakes projects on turnkey basis and provides consultancy services for tea factories. And in our quest to be in regular interaction with our clients, and to comprehend and service their needs better , we have a dedicated team of servicing engineers , working at various tea gardens....... Our core thrust at Aarkay has always been on technological innovation and quality , which is aptly reflected in our product range. There is a growing need for modernization and automation of factory facilities , especially by the Indian tea sector and Aarkay follows a policy of relentless Research & Development to fulfill the need of the Industry for better quality and lower costs. Aarkay's product range offers myriad advantages like manufacturing efficiency , economies of scale , fuel-efficiency , user-friendliness , and easy maintenance..............."
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